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About the Neurd


I’m Grace Lindsay. I’m a grad student in the Neuroscience PhD program at Columbia University. I got my BS in Neuroscience from University of Pittsburgh in 2011, where my main undergraduate work was a project on tuning curve quality and its relation to population coding accuracy (co-advised by Brent Doiron and Tai Sing Lee). Then I spent about a year working at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Freiburg, Germany, where I worked on how network structure affects correlations (advised by Arvind Kumar). I’ve tried my hand in a variety of neuro-labs, doing a variety of neuro-things, but right now I hope to focus on modeling the cortical networks involved in attention, (and other ways that internal state affects sensory processing), with a heavy emphasis on matching models to experimental data and working to incorporate advances from deep learning.

On the personal side of things: I grew up around Chicago. I’m a big supporter of Quora and the Couchsurfing project. And I try to use my available free time for writing, podcasting, reading, yoga, and art.

My CV: Academic | Industry

and my Google Scholar page: Google Scholar

I co-host this podcast: Unsupervised Thinking, about neuroscience and AI.

Follow me on the Twitters if you’re so inclined: @neurograce


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