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About Neurdiness

Neurdiness is a blog about neuroscience, and all the glorious and laborious things that go along with it. Topics covered will include major themes that span the field, and perhaps science in general, down to specific methods or recently published papers. Neurdiness is also, however, a somewhat self-serving attempt for me to work out my thoughts, reactions, and struggles as a budding PhD student, and so  posts may reflect that to varying degrees, for better or worse. Overall, like with my research, with this blog I can only hope to add something interesting to the ever-growing public conversation about the brain, its workings, and the workings of how we study its workings.

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  1. Amy / Apr 6 2014 10:48 pm


    My name is Amy and I enjoy learning about neuroscience. I plan to major in neuroscience but I’m conflicted with the fact that animal research is part of this major. I know it’s a priority in this field but I feel a little uncomfortable. I read you post about this, Currently Necessary Evil, and I would like to know if you were against animal research before you entered this field and how you overcame it besides mentally saying that it’s for the better good of humanity?

    PS- Sorry if this is the wrong section to ask you a question.

    Thank You,

    • neurograce / May 8 2014 9:35 pm

      Hi Amy,
      Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t against animal research before starting neuro since I always felt it had utility. It was a little difficult getting used to actually doing it though. I think it’s something you can’t fully know how you feel about it and whether it’s something you can do until trying.

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